As the projects of our customers always have the highest priority, we present you for the moment a short version of our new website.

The best thing about memories is… making them.

Become the brightest star amongst all others.

No Sweat, No Glorious Story

Telling a great story is more than just editing fast shot images to impress a customer. Creating a fascinating story begins with knowing the customer and his or her business from the inside and the outside. From the start we never lose track of the target audience we’re addressing to.¬† Our mix of creativity, conceptual ideas, marketing specialism and high end photo and video production skills result in a visual story expercience. One that stands out from the rest. It’s the result of always going that extra mile for the perfect combination of video, music, message and stated goal. Interested in a cooperation with us? Contact us today!

Combining skills & passion with a touch of magic.

We will go that extra mile for you

Video concept & story creation

A good video is the equivalent of a great story that tells itself and touches the emotions of the audience.

Stunning Photography

We love to make creative photos to spice up your website or ads. In our own magical studio we transform every photo into a magical story.


Be visible, everywhere and anytime. We will build your easy-to-use website. Of course with respect for your company style.

Film production

High-end video goes hand in hand with high-end equipment. We have it all. Just for a sublime result.

Branding & Logo Design

We make sure that your target audience sees who you are and where you stand for. Your identity is our concern.

Magical event location

Where is the party? Here it is! We have the ideas AND the location. Our studio is more than just a photo studio. We will turn every home party or small dining occasion into a breathtaking experience. Contact us for more info.

Editing and Color grading

Every story has its own mood, music and corresponding editing. The result always feels “right” in every perspective.

Marketing material design

Want to show your products or services on a creative way? We design your brochure, catalog, advertisements,… always with a crisp and creative idea.

Showbizz by Starbizz

We love the stage and the thrill of an event. A bit difficult due to the Corona virus, but we keep on going. Starbizz is passionate about bringing the best musical & visual experiences to you.

Our creativity is not just limited to photos and videos…

We create your marketing communication too

Starbizz is more than just a high-end photo and video production company. We are a full service online and offline content creator. Our team has more than 18 years of experience in photo/video productions and the same years in marketing communication too. This means we deliver all kinds of creative marketing communication material. From photos to videos and from brochures to POS and websites. Always made with the same creative and distinctive touch. The benefit for you is that we have a view on the whole puzzle rather than just a particular piece of it. Let’s create impact… together!

Company brochure CHIPPS | Design & Production

Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make…

…but about the stories you tell!

Contact us for you own story

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Conceptual video | Script writing | Event Planning | Marketing & Design

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Commercial video | Script writing | Pre + post production


Commercial video | Script writing | Pre + post production


Commercial video | Script writing | Pre + post production


Aftermovie event | Pre + post production


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